Our Active IR Detection Systems, Serves as Your First Line of Force Protection.

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Active Infrared Security Systems

Our Active Infrared Intrusion Detection Systems, Serves as Your First Line of Force Protection.

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Active Infrared Security Systems, YOU CAN RELY ON.


IR Global active infrared sensor systems are developed for extreme harsh environmental conditions. This technology offers a proven track record and can be employed in challenging applications unmatched by other sensor technologies. The scientifically developed optics and electronics coupled with a hermetically sealed and robust cast aluminum housing guaranties maximum performance and system longevity. Our sensor provide best-in-class nuisance and false alarm rates.

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Consultation, Engineering, Installation and Servicing


We offer full engineering and design services to create custom  security products and systems. 

  • Manufacturer of the original Active Infrared Sensors (IDS)
  • Design of Active Infrared Security Systems
  • Engineering Support
  • Customer Training
  • Repairing Active Infrared Detection Systems
  • Spare Parts and Technical Support

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We are the manufacturer of the original approved EAG Germany   (Elektronik Apparatebau GmbH) active infrared sensor system.

IR Global is a security systems manufacturing and engineering company. With decades of experience and a firm dedication to manufacture highest-quality and superior performing products. We consistently providing products that meet or exceed your needs with a focus on performance, durability and reliability.

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